The Story of My Living Room

As I have learned that, Leadership is not a trait to be executed when you have authority. Leadership can be executed without administration. It simply starts from making your own bed or winding up washing the dishes. Leadership is taking small initiatives which always have bigger effects. It owns things for the betterment. The blog gives you an insight into a recent change in my personality. It relates to improving my surroundings and making the place preferable for enjoying.

I’m writing this blog while sitting in my living room taking a sip of tea and thinking about how this process of evolution works? I then came up to the conclusion that change requires time. It is not something you can say “a sudden change”, a sudden change does not exist. Evolution is a time taking phenomenon. So, Leadership is relatable to evolution. I am not saying that it’s the responsibility of every leader that he or she must bring some kind of revolution that affects the masses but, a leader must bring a positive change whether the focus is on macro-level or micro.

My Living Room Surroundings

I simply decided to fix my bookshelf which was unattended for months, and when I read the concept of leadership, it excites me to improve the current state of it. Although it was not much, you can say soiled but yes, it needs some rehabilitation. On answering, why I selected this particular thing for transforming, I would like to say, it is very close to my heart. But, because of the busy schedule, I could not manage my time to look it over.

My Unorganized Book-Shelf

So, let me now give you a brief account regarding what was actually wrong with the bookshelf that is needed to be fixed. My bookshelf when I first renovated my home was spotless, polished with a woody scent that gives an exotic experience to the person standing in front of the shelf. The glass portrays a transparent medium that enables the viewer to clearly see the books inside the shelf. But, with the passage of time, it seems that the shiny glass covers a layer of dust. And the dust converts the glass to a translucent material. Moreover, the order of the books has disturbed because when I take a book for reading and after going through it, the manuscript will never go to the same place. Therefore, I need to resort to the order and do the proper cleaning in order to make my shelf glowing and happy.

My Organized Book-Shelf

I am now writing regarding how I fixed this bookshelf. First of all, I remove all the books and accessories which are placed inside. I have completely emptied the entire shelf and then started cleaning the setup. I have used a raw lint-free cloth in order to remove the settled dirt and then placed old newspapers at the base of every shelf. Then, I cleaned the glass with a moist cloth and was happy to see them smiling and glowing. I’m now feeling a sense of achievement as if I did something purposeful. This minor accomplishment made my day.

It was on my list to do but; I would not have done it swiftly if it did not instruct me to do it as part of an assignment. I am feeling happy now because it ejaculates the concept of leadership without authority in me. I realized it is unnecessary to achieve huge things in order to be a leader. You can be a leader if you are a student or a homemaker or a shopkeeper. Leadership is doing small things consistently and in doing so, making it worthwhile for yourself or the community.

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